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Tackling Obesities: Future Choices - Food Chain Industries' Perspectives on the Future

Author: Martin Paterson
Organisation: UK Government Office for Science
Publish Date: 2007
Country: United Kingdom
Sector: Health
Method: Creating alternatives
Theme: Food
Type: Report
Language: English
Tags: Obesity, Food chain supply industries, Health, Diets, Obesity prevention, Marketing communications, Sustainable development, Trends

The UK food and drink supply chain industries - farming, manufacturing, catering and retailing - have an important role to play in society’s efforts to combat the problem of obesity. This report sets out the findings of a survey of companies and organisations involved in the UK food and drink industry. Respondents were asked to consider: the challenges and opportunities that the industry will need to respond to in the future; the future role of regulation and legislation of food chain industries; the extent to which healthy eating is a long-term public health and cultural issue, or whether it is just another fad; the impact on businesses if healthy eating is here to stay.
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