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Searchlight Report: Building a Searchlight Function

Author: Society for International Development and The Rockefeller Foundation
Organisation: Society for International Development and The Rockefeller Foundation
Publish Date: April 2010
Country: Global
Sector: Technology
Method: Scenarios
Theme: Poverty
Type: Report
Language: English
Tags: Foresight, Poor, Horizon Scanning, Trend monitoring, Africa, ICT, Urban, Technology, Demographics, Foresight

The Rockefeller Foundation believes that a critical component to establishing a successful trend scanning enterprise involves bringing the practitioners together to learn from each other, share knowledge and best practices, and foster a sense of community. This was the spirit guiding the workshop held in Bellagio, Italy and organized by the Society for International Development, with support from the Rockefeller Foundation, in April 2010. The workshop consisted of multiple representatives from each Searchlight organization, along with the participation of an additional set of experts and scholars who provided invaluable insights and intriguing outlooks on both the process of horizon scanning and the content and ideas that can result from such efforts. We are deeply thankful for the time, energy, and enthusiasm that all of the participants lent to the workshop, and its success is a testament to the willingness of each individual to engage collaboratively, question conventional wisdom, break down disciplinary silos, and strive for a deeper understanding of the events unfolding around us.

Instead of providing a linear summary of the discussions as they took place, this report consists of a series of reflections and short essays—written by some of the participants themselves—that expand upon and explore the topics addressed in the meeting. In this way, the sections of the report can be taken independently as stand-alone pieces that consider a specific topic or, conversely, as a collective whole that illuminates the interconnections among a range of topics. We are greatly appreciative to the many participants for their efforts in recording and expanding upon their thoughts in the writing presented here.
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