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City Visioning Processes - Vision 2030
The Report covers the following: Johannesburg Inner City, Gauteng, South Africa, Auckland, New Zealand, Ontario, Canada, Greater Golden Horseshoe, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Author: Freedthinkers, Urban Inc., Rhizome Management Services
Organisation: Accelerate Cape Town
Publish Date: April 2009
Climate Change Adaptation Strategies: Water Resources Management Options for Smallholder Farming Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa
Climate change, population growth, increasing water demand, overexploitation of natural resources and environmental degradation have significantly degraded the world’s freshwater resources. In sub-Sa

Author: Stephen N. Ngigi
Organisation: The MDG Centre for East and Southern Africa, The Earth Institute at Columbia University
Publish Date: December 2009
Climate change and global water resources
By 2025, it is estimated that around 5 billion people, out of a total population of around 8 billion, will be living in countries experiencing water stress (using more than 20% of their available res

Author: Nigel W. Arnell
Organisation: Global Environmental Change 9 (1999) S31-S49
Publish Date: June 1999
Climate change and global water resources: SRES emissions and socio-economic scenarios
In 1995, nearly 1400 million people lived in water-stressed watersheds (runoff less than 1000m3/capita/year), mostly in south west Asia, the Middle East and around the Mediterranean. This paper descr

Author: Nigel W. Arnell,
Organisation: Global Environmental Change, Elsevier
Publish Date: 2004
Climate Change and Its Impacts on Tourism
This report reviews the impacts of climate change for a wide range of international holiday destinations visited by UK tourists. Tourism as an industry is increasing in both volume and economic impor

Author: David Viner and Maureen Agnew
Organisation: WWF-UK
Publish Date: July 1999
Climate change and malaria: analysis of the SRES climate and socio-economic scenarios
This paper describes a new method for describing vulnerability to the potential impacts of climate change. Countries were classified according to their current vulnerability and malaria control statu

Author: M. van Lieshouta, R.S. Kovatsb, M.T.J. Livermorec, P. Martens
Organisation: Global Environmental Change, Elsevier
Publish Date: 2004
Climate Change and Population Health: Possible Future Scenarios
There is little doubt the earth’s climate is changing and will continue to change over time. Predictions suggest higher temperatures, and more frequent heat waves, heavy rains, floods, droughts and s

Author: Arthur Saniotis, Alana Hansen and Peng Bi
Organisation: The University of Adelaide, Australia.
Publish Date: 2011
Climate Change and Water
The Technical Paper addresses the issue of freshwater. Sea level rise is dealt with only insofar as it can lead to impacts on freshwater in coastal areas and beyond. Climate, freshwater, biophysical

Author: Bates, B.C., Z.W. Kundzewicz, S. Wu and J.P. Palutikof
Organisation: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC
Publish Date: 2008
Climate Change and Water in Africa: Analysis of Knowledge Gaps and Needs
The water resource of Africa is increasingly being stressed due to the climate change variability and increased demand over the continent. Africa has suffered the consequences of climate change and c

Author: UNECA
Organisation: UNECA
Publish Date: November 2011
Climate Change and Water: An overview from the World Water Development Report 3: Water in a Changing World
Water in a Changing World shows that changes in our water resources are shaped to a great extent by a number of key externalities, among them climate change, and that decisions taken far from the con

Organisation: UNESCO-WWAP
Publish Date: 2009
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