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The Effects Of Climate Change On Marine Biodiversity In South Africa
Climate change is as old as the atmosphere itself and hasoccurred for many millions ofyears.Prior to the industrialrevolution, the principal causes of climate change includedfactors such as plate tec

Author: B.M. Clark, N.C. Steffani, S. Young, A.J. Richardson, A.T. Lombard
Organisation: Anchor Environmental Consultants
Publish Date: 00
The Effects of Gender on Elementary-Aged Students' Interest in Technology: A Preliminary Report
A research program was proposed to the National Science Foundation to determine how gender affected the learning of and interest in technical topics. It was desired to find a consumer product that wa

Author: Carol Stwalley
Organisation: American Society for Engineering Education
Publish Date: 2007
The Employment Outlook for Youth: Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems as a Way Forward
This essay proposes a novel conceptual framework to map out entrepreneurial ecosystems including their key stakeholders and assess their effectiveness and efficiency based on pre –defined indices. Th

Author: Peter Vogel
Organisation: College of Management of Technology Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Publish Date: April 2013
The environment in which crime is thriving: South Africa’s socio-demographic profile, future trends and implications for the Criminal Justice System
Crime is a prominent issue in South Africa and this presentation provides information on the demographics of crime in South Africa.
Author: Craig Schwabe
Organisation: Human Sciences Research Council
Publish Date: 2007
The Environmental, Social, and Health Dimensions of Urban Expansion
This cyberseminar focuses upon the environmental,social, and health dimensions of urban expansion.Our goal is to compare and contrast the processes of urban expansion and transformation in developing

Author: Charles L. Redman and Nancy S. Jones
Organisation: Population-Environment Research Network cyberseminar
Publish Date: November 2004
The Evolution and Future of Mobile Communication Systems
The most successful mobile digital communications system in today’s world isGSM, with networks in over 130 countries and more than 100 million usersworldwide. Back at the start of the 1980’s Europe

Author: David G Ainscough
Organisation: D.G.Ainscough
Publish Date: 2001
The Evolution of Human Ultra-sociality
E.O. Wilson (1975) described humans as one of the four pinnacles of social evolution. The other pinnacles are the colonial invertebrates, the social insects, and the non-human mammals. Wilson separat

Author: Peter J. Richerson, Robert Boyd
Organisation: University of California, Davis University of California, Los Angeles
Publish Date: June 1997
The Extractive Resource Industry in Tanzania
This report focuses on Tanzania, a relatively late arrival to large-scale mining, and argues that the existence of vast extractive natural resources in the nation should be considered a badge of hono

Author: Society for International Development
Organisation: Society for International Development
Publish Date: 2009
The extreme future of megacities
Like it or not, the megacity is coming, says James Canton. Will it be urban dystopia, or ordered, smart, green and secure? As a billion rural dwellers vote with their feet, will numbers overwhelm us?

Author: James Canton
Organisation: Institute for Global Future
Publish Date: June 2011
The festschrift tradition in African literature: Its implications for the future of African literary criticism
A festschrift is commonly regarded as a collection of writings in honour of a scholar. It is often a book honouring a respected person, especially an academic, and presented during his or her life ti

Author: Chinyere Nwahunanya
Organisation: Abia State University,Uturu, Nigeria
Publish Date: April 2012
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