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The Bookends Scenarios
The aim of this project is to explore how the future of NSW public libraries might unfold over the next twenty years. The scenarios are intended to enable consideration of the types of roles, product

Author: Oliver Freeman, Richard Watson, Neville Freeman Agency
Organisation: Library Council of New South Wales
Publish Date: 2009
The Case for Investing in Young People as part of a National Poverty Reduction Strategy
Written for country policy advisors and development partners, this paper offers a framework of arguments and supporting evidence policy makers can use to engage in dialogue for the inclusion of young

Author: United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
Organisation: United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
Publish Date: 2010
The Century Ahead: Searching for Sustainability
The global future lies before us as a highly uncertain and contested landscape with numerous perils along the way. This study explores possible pathways to sustainability by considering in quantitati

Author: Paul D. Raskin, Christi Electris and Richard A. Rosen
Organisation: Tellus Institute
Publish Date: 20 August 2010
The Decent Work Agenda in Africa: 2007–2015
Eleventh African Regional Meeting Addis Ababa, April 2007. Report of the Director General.

Author: Juan Somavia
Organisation: International Labour Office (ILO)
Publish Date: April 2007
The Development and Future of Indigenous Publishing in Africa: 12 Years after Arusha I
This paper sets out to review what transpired in the twelve years since the first Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation Seminar on the Development of Autonomous Publishing Capacity in Africa, which was held in

Author: Walter Bgoya
Organisation: The Journal of The Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation
Publish Date: 2002
The Development Caravan Model of Poverty Eradication
The Development Caravan model is a synchronised poverty eradication system for local communities in nodal areas to mobilise support and catalyse community self-organisation through targeting families

Author: South African Women in Dialogue (SAWID)
Organisation: South African Women in Dialogue (SAWID)
Publish Date: May 2012
The dynamics and trends of employment in Kenya
The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA-Kenya) published this study in order to create an understanding of the dynamics and trends in employment for Kenya and to inform decision-making and policy deba

Author: Jacob Omolo
Organisation: Institute of Economic Affairs – Kenya
Publish Date: 2010
The E books Future - Technological Transformation of the Reading and Publishing Experience
There’s no denying people love books. From early childhood through adulthood, reading is a fundamental part of our existence.A good book can expand horizons,stimulate imagination,bring new ways of th

Author: Shivaji Sengupta
Organisation: SourceHOV
Publish Date: 2012
The East African Election Train
The April 2010 Greater Horn Outlook presents the complete regional elections calendar to December 2012 and shows the expected number of voters in each country. It summarizes the assessments of the re

Author: Society for International Development
Organisation: Society for International Development
Publish Date: April 2010
The Effect of Language on Economic Behavior: Evidence from Savings Rates, Health Behaviors, and Retirement Assets
Languages differ widely in the ways they encode time. I test the hypothesis that languages that grammatically associate the future and the present, foster future-oriented behavior. This prediction ar

Author: M. Keith Chen
Organisation: Yale University, School of Management and Cowles Foundation
Publish Date: April 2013
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