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The Future and Crime: Challenges for Law Enforcement
The globalisation of financial markets has facilitated the growth of transnational crime. Criminal organisations have been quick to adapt their structures and activities to new opportunities in the g

Author: Grant Wardlaw
Organisation: Office of Strategic Crime Assessments
Publish Date: 1999
The Future Can't Wait: Over-the-Horizon Views on Development
The basic goal of the book is to identify better ways of planning for future global development, particularly in four different contexts - populations, science and technology, politics and economies,

Author: Steven Gale and Sarah Jackson (editors
Organisation: USAID
Publish Date: September 2013
The Future Climate for Development: Scenarios for Low Income Countries
Low-income countries are being affected first and worst by climate change. And climate change is a long-term challenge, where a long-term approach is essential to manage the risks and seize the oppor

Author: Jemima Jewell, Helen Clarkson, James Goodman, Iain Watt
Organisation: DFID
Publish Date: July 2010
The future evolution of mobile content, mobile applications and mobile 2.0
COST Network (Econ@Tel), COST 605 MCM and Plenary Meeting, Limassol, 2-4 Feb 2009

Author: Claudio Feijoo
Organisation: Institute for Prospective Technological Studies
Publish Date: February 2007
The Future is Not Good Enough: Business As Usual After 2015
This paper aims to explore the ‘business-as-usual’ (BAU) trajectory on international development from now to 2030 – identifying future trajectories in some of the areas that are likely to be key prio

Author: Alex Evans and David Steven
Organisation: New York University's Center on International Cooperation (CIC)
Publish Date: May 2013
The Future Is Now: Putting Scenarios for Peace Operations in 2025 in Today’s Operational Context
The world of peace operations has changed tremendously in recent decades and will surely continue to do so in the future. That’s not exactly news. But how will it change? What will be the drivers and

Author: Center for International Peace Operations
Organisation: Center for International Peace Operations
Publish Date: 2012
The Future of Agriculture in Africa
While agriculture remains central to Africa’s economies, its global performance in this sector has lagged. Africa remains a net food importer and continues to suffer from recurrent hunger epidemics.

Author: Julius Gatune Kariuki
Organisation: The Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future
Publish Date: August 2011
The Future of Cities, Information, and Inclusion
This ten-year forecast map charts the important intersections between urbanization and digitalization that will shape this global urban experiment,and the key tensions that will arise.The explosive g

Author: Anthony Townsend, Rachel Maguire, Mike Liebhold, and Mathias Crawford
Organisation: Institute for the Future & Rockefeller Foundation
Publish Date: 2010
The Future of Crime Prevention: Developmental and Situational Strategies
Crime prevention can mean many different things. More often it refers to efforts to prevent crime or criminal offending in the first instance - before the act has been committed. <br />

Author: Brandon C. Welsh, David P. Farrington
Organisation: Northeastern University, Cambridge University Prepared for National Institute of Justice
Publish Date: 2010
The Future of Culture
Despite the rich potential culture possesses to make a vital contribution to the creation of a better world, this potential is not being realized. Why is this? What vortex of forces is at work throug

Author: D. Paul Schhafer
Organisation: World Culture Project, Canada
Publish Date: Unknown
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